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Embarrassing bid leads to a good example of dealing with UI

Playing at a sectional, open pairs with a very strong partner.

RHO opens 1C. With 2-1-5-5 I have a mental lapse and overcall 2NT (doh!).

LHO asks pard about the bid. She says it should mean the two lowest suits but I am a relatively new player and it is possible that I have mistakenly made the bid with both minors. Partner bids 3H which is doubled. 

If there had not been the question and explanation of my bid I would like to think I would have woken up and figured out the misunderstanding. However if I am not awake to the bidding error I made, I could believe that my partner has eg 4-7-1-1 and while the hearts are breaking badly 3H is a better place for us to be than 4 of a minor. Thus in the absence of the UI it felt like passing was a logical alternative. Certainly the UI suggested that I should pull, so I left it in.

Down 6 for -1700 and a zero.

I thought this was a great example of ignoring the UI not being adequate. Certainly the UI makes it much more likely that I will wake up to the misunderstanding. Thus putting aside the details of the laws it feels wrong to "ignore" the UI that woke me up.

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