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Defense vs. Cappelletti

In a Swiss Teams the other day, my p opened 1NT. My RHO overcalled 2, alerted as Capp. I was sitting with 12 HCP, a 3-3-2-5. I had stoppers in every suit except s. I was suspicious that RHO's 6-card suit was s, so I was reluctant to simply bid 3NT. Couldn't X, because in our system that would be Stayman. I passed, knowing that I'd have a chance to bid after LHO had his say.

LHO bid 2s, P, P to me. I doubled. P said "transfer." Uh-oh.          

(We play Stolen Bid after opps interfere over NT. I understand that it's not an ideal system, butt it's easy to remember.)

P bid 2; I bid 3. P said 3, and since I hadn't seen a stopper, I bid 4 (hoping P had 4). X by LHO. Uh-oh. Butt it was way too late to do anything. Of course I had to bid as though I'd never heard "transfer", anyway. (And 4NT would've been taken as Blackwood, sinking us deeper into the mud.)

Down 2, vul, vs. 3NT making 5 at the other table, a 15-IMP schwing. Ouch!  (Our teammates don't play Capp, having never heard of it. So the opps at the other table had no impediment to an easy 3NT contract.)

My p had 3 s and the A. She insisted that we play "Stolen Bid, Systems On. Nothing to discuss."

I did point out that, had I wanted s, I could've bid 2 over the 2 overcall. So, if this comes up in the future, perhaps we won't take such a double as Stolen Bid. Butt we might take it as penalty, so that's non-ideal, too.

What would've been a good way to handle this, within the context that we play SBSO? Should I have bid 3 over the 2 bid? Or what?

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