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A Friendly Warning to Advancing Players

Remember when you started?

Wide-eyed, the world was full of opportunities to communicate with partner, deceive opponents and develop technical skill.  Much like a new golfer, no matter how many setbacks you faced, you went home remembering the few good things that happened.

Now you've improved.  You expect to get hands right.  Quite properly, your post-mortem discussions (hopefully away from the table) will focus on hands that didn't go well.  A steady diet of analyzing poor results is important for improvement but can make the game less fun, draining enthusiasm.

The friendly warning is to remember what attracted you to bridge.  Be on the lookout for benchmark hands.  These are hands you get right, but likely would have gotten wrong just a year or two ago.  There's no need for boasting, but permitting yourself a tangible inward smile will make the daunting task of analyzing errors easier to endure without losing your enthusiasm.


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