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Will B&M clubs be able to survive C-19?

Online poker and online bridge never appealed to me. Still don't. Too sterile. For me it's a lot like reading a text book on the subject. That's the same feedback I had been getting from most of my B&M players all these years. But, with C-19, all that's changed. So many of these same players are giving online bridge a second look. More important, many more are giving it a first look. And they like what they see. Especially the convenience and the diversity. They play in our virtual games, in SYC games, and they also form private tables and private team matches.

I am also seeing an increase in peoplewanting to learn. It seems that finally bridge players have been able to convince their non playing friends and relatives to give bridge a try. And with time ontheir hands, these people seem to be doing just that. We've started three classes of eight players in just the past three weeks and have another starting tomorrow. Normally, for this time of year, that's insane.

So, what will bridge look like on the other end? Will my three clubs survive the long layoff? If they do, will they survive the comeback? Will there need to be some synthesis of online bridge and B&M bridge? What about my morning, evening, and weekend bridge games that were never very robust to begin with? With the ease of online, will these become relicsof the past? Will rainy day club games suffer greatly?

Or need I worry? After being cooped up for months will players clamor for social interaction? Will the hundreds of new players rush to give f2f bridge a try? Will I be swamped?

Musings for sure. But then for once I have the luxury of time on my hands. Or will, once we're finished transitioning thousands ofplayers to online bridge.

There is a question in here. But it is only for those BW people who believe that there is a vital reason for B&M clubs to even exist. The question is, can small club games (of almost any size) compete for Master Points with the much largerfields that online games will produce at the same time? If you do think there is a way, what structure do you see? Is there a combining of these games? Do we offer club games some sort of boosted rating? Or should we just let nature take its course? After all, people come to clubs for much more than just the bridge, and that alone should be enough to insure their survival.

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