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Back in March I posted that "it would be great if someone started a thread about bridge clubs reopening. It may seem early for this, but let's avoid a similar situation to that experienced with closures, where clubs were scrambling to decide how long it was safe to remain open. Presumably, we want clubs to emerge from bridge-deprived winter as soon as it is safe. How about advice from a knowledgeable panel on this matter, or at least debates on Bridgewinners. Or study by associations such as the ACBL."

Many countries are now emerging from COVID-induced lockdown, but (unless I have missed it) no one has yet started such a thread, so here goes.

Of course different circumstances in different parts of the world will require different timing and perhaps different approaches. Nonetheless, matters that would benefit from early consideration include:

* firstly: is there already authoritative advice (from the WBF or any other body) about a sensible plan for reopening bridge clubs?

* are there measures that should be taken to facilitate early opening, e.g. larger and better-separated tables (social distancing), physical barriers to virus transmission (picture something similar to the screens used in top bridge events, but separating all four players), or general items such as sanitizer or (more questionable) masks or gloves

* should special advice be given. For example, if clubs reopen before the virus is strongly controlled, perhaps vulnerable people (most of us in the bridge world?) should be advised not to return (although these people are generally good at regulating themselves)

* what is the level of risk? Three cases of transmission amongst card players that have been covered on this site were: a poker group where the members were infected and some died (but there was coughing and hugging); the Colorado Springs Bridge Club transmission (could better precautions with food, distancing etc minimize risk of spread?); and Doug Couchman's infection, likely from a bridge tournament (he may be able to offer views)

* are people really likely to catch the disease from cards?

This is just a start; you may have other ideas and suggestions.

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