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Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled

While the ACBL has cancelled the Columbus OH NABC, District 7 has NOT cancelled it's Gatlinburg Regional in April 2020.

The ACBL webpage may be having issues regarding this & other tournaments - ignore these issues for now.

District 7 is monitoring the Coronavirus spread in the USA but until TN or another authority orders cancelling the Gatlinburg Regional (because of it's gathering of 2500-3500, mostly elderly, people), then District 7 is financially obligated to hold this tournament. District 7 would advise individuals who are sick or who could be severely affected by catching the Coronavirus to NOT attend the tournament.

District 7 will re-evaluate it's position on continuing with the tournament in early April. If Gatlinburg is cancelled, an e-mail blast via the ACBL will be sent out to all members.

Larry Harding, District 7 Treasurer (& Past President), 3/13/2020

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