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Easter greetings to all. May the world resurrect from the current predicament into one where there is a fresh outlook for the good of all living creatures. 

After a long time, I logged in. I suppose this forum was created to not let the virus infect the other areas of the site. Smile Good idea. I wanted to get an idea of how my friends are doing, from various countries. Worried, hope all are staying safe. 

Here in India, government announced isolation from March 16th for 3 weeks. Our community of Bridge players in Karnataka and specifically Bangalore had a lot of programs going including mentoring sessions for beginners, an ongoing beginner coaching batch, a couple of forays into schools and educational institutions to introduce Bridge in the anvil, youth outreach ... all came to a grinding halt. Enough to drive anyone nuts. Then we decided to convert this isolation into an opportunity. We launched a BRIDGE the virus 2020 campaign - introductory workshops for Bridge - to reach out to children, Juniors, early professionals, middle career professional and late career professionals and retirees. The idea was that most of the first named categories are all stuck at home, have holidays or working from home. They are likely to be able to spare a few hours these days which they would have used for commute to work in the normal working schedule. We are a non-profit sports association. The fee is very minimum, INR 499/- (Under $7) for two 2 hour sessions to learn and appreciate the game. 10 days since we launched it. If you think you know people anywhere in India or nearby countries who can benefit from these sessions, please do pass on the word. A group of instructors doing voluntary work towards promoting Bridge based in Bangalore will be helping out for these sessions. All sessions will be conducted in Bridge Base Online. Session timings will be in the morning hours of Indian time, if there is demand maybe also a few evening and later sessions.

Details of the campaign at this link.

Registrations can be done at this link.

We also took a lot of activities online. BBO may have seen a spurt of new members from a lot of places, Bangalore will also be one such. We launched free mentoring sessions on BBO for beginners, for the time being that is restricted to our members. You will see two or three regular daily tournaments in BBO hosted by our dynamic Jt Secy Mohan Kalyan (bangalore) and also Hari Shankar (SaintQ). We conducted the City League, which was supposed to be a summer month long event, was coordinated by Karthik (karthiks03), Kunal (kj7), Vinay (vinay) and others. So that is our virus report. 

One waits with bated breath, albeit under a mask, what the future would bring. Stay safe. 

Best wishes,

Manoj Kumar K

Bangalore India 

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