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All bridge clubs in Australia likely to close

Let me first stress that I hold no official position with the Australian Bridge Federation and do not speak on behalf of the ABF.

I have been advised this evening that theABF has recommended the closure of all Australian bridge clubs forthwith. This comes at a time when the Australian Government has rapidly escalated itsCovid-19 mitigation measures; banning congregations of more than 500 people on Friday and then today announcing quarantining (self-isolation) of all international arrivals (including Australian citizens and permanent residents) for 14-days upon arrival.

This seems to be an entirely sensible position taken by the ABF for the protection of its players and constituent organisations; but it comes at a most unfortunate time with the APBF Congress coming up in Perth in less than a month and most state associations being in the middle of selection events for representatives teams for the upcoming Australian National Championships in Adelaide in July.

The panic buying of toilet paper, canned goods, pasta, and rice here has been amazing with virtually none of those items available at the 10 supermarkets I visited over the course of this weekend. I've never seen anything like this.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this crisis and I hope we can all stay safe and well.

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