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Your Business Growth: What matters most to Bridge Clubs and Teachers?

Ok.  So you've been at this for years.  You know your environment.  Or maybe you are just starting out and are thirsty to learn.  What matters most (importance) to growing your business? (Say, table count for clubs and students in class for teachers).  Please rank the following ideas and feel free to comment below.  You may rank your top four choices 1 to 4.  Please add other topics of interest in the comments area.  Thanks!

Best Practices for....

Rank your top 4 choices, 1 being your top choice.

...effective ways to teach bridge to newbies.
...recruiting people to bridge classes or clubs
...getting and keeping effective volunteers
...improving how clubs and Teachers work together to promote and advertise in today's world
...providing a clear path to FUN! to keep them coming back.

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