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What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?

My small twice-a-week club at home has a membership issue.  Out of about 50+ members last year in our first year, we are already down to 30+, if that for Year 2.  Out of those 50+ players, maybe a dozen or dozen and a half are ACBL members.  Most are not ACBL members.

Why?  Because of the word "sanctioned".  Basically, points mean nothing to them.  They also just want to talk and have fun without worrying about rules.  Why should they pay to play bridge if they can get a bunch of friends and do it for free, without a director telling them what to do and what not to do?

What type of argument can I put up against that?  Mind you, as a non-profit our table fees are honestly next to nothing as is.  We have boards, bidding boxes, etc. etc. etc.  But all they need is a deck of cards or two.  Sometimes they have two tables so they could even play some unsanctioned duplicate.

So my question here is ... how do you convince somebody that bridge is worth paying money for?

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