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Teachers, I could use some help

I'm thinking of trying something new. Reaching out to each other for help with choosing really great example hands for our lessons. Maybe eventually having this develop into a warehouse of hands.

Every other week or so our club, Honors, hosts a combination wine and cheese Friday evening seminar and social play session. We alternate the level of the student we are aiming at from just above beginner, where they have taken about a dozen lessons and played for a just couple of months, to players with up to 20 masterpoints. This past Friday the seminar topic, on hand evaluation, went really well. So well that the group wants us to do it again.

Here's the problem, and where, I hope, you could come in. We need more example hands. 

I'm thinking, could we consider expanding this Forum into one that offers not only an exchange of ideas and philosophy but also one that can act as a shared source of new and better class material...better topic hands, better bidding examples, better teaching methods?

And if you'd consider that this could be a proper use of this space, I'd like to ask that the first topic we address be:

Hands that clearly  illustrate the need to understand how to evaluate the playing strength of a hand based on the hand itself and on how, as the auction proceeds, that hand revalues.

Here's an example of what I mean. It is from a hand from that Friday seminar.

You hold: KJxx   QJxx   x   KJxx 

You hear your partner open 1D and, over your 1H response, hear her come back with 2D.

I then showed them a similar 11 count, but this time I changed their singleton diamond holding into queen and one.

After the lecture (lesson) we have them play anywhere from four to six hands. It is these hands, hands that demonstrate by their results the need to properly be able to evaluate, not only the pluses and minuses of the hand presented, but also how, during the ensuing auction, that same hand might change dramatically in their estimation of its playing strength.

Anyone care to comment or, better yet, offer a hand?

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