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Revoke vs. Renege

Please take this topic as more informational than a call to arms.  I'm not trying to get all SJW or political with this stuff, but it was a question asked that I'm trying to address.  The topic came up this morning after I got a call from a friend who brought a bunch of players from another club to play at my club.

There are two words in the Bridge lexicon that are often used interchangeably: "revoke" and "renege".

Revoke is the term used in the ACBL laws.  Renege is an old-fashioned term used by many people with different card games, including Bridge.

One thing I didn't ever put together is that, to some people, especially African-Americans, the word is too close in pronunciation to one with a lot more racial overtones, even moreso when used as a word to describe somebody who has reneged (the "reneger").

Whether or not you want to agree or disagree, or shout out that "some people can make a big deal out of anything" ... all I'm asking is from a historical perspective.  Did the ACBL laws ever use the term renege?  Has it always been revoke?  Has the ACBL ever addressed the use of these two terms?

Any insight on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

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