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Jeff Bayone will be speaking at the ABTA annual convention in Atlanta next month.  Jeff, please challenge the ABTA to come up with a simple, natural replacement for SAYC that can be used by non-tournament players and "Advancing" students fresh from a beginner course.

What say we give them a head start here.  I'd go with five card majors, 11+ suit openers using Work hand eval with quick tricks required and long suits counted (not voids, etc., that lead to real hand eval problems as the auction continues; no stray quacks), 15-17 1NT etc., easy to remember guidelines for penalty doubles and redoubles (all others are takeout, balancing, competitive, responsive, etc., but need not be named -- just "bid something!"), Old Blackwood (no RKC), and full non-game forcing Stayman (including "garbage").  Transfers (over NT only) Gerber and quant raises can be added. 

Should we go with 2C and weak twos, all strong twos, or an Acol blend of 2C game force and 2D/H/S big but not enough for 2C, or 2-suited big hands?

What else, or is what I've described above too much already?  Think television -- what could we do that we could put on TV like the World Series of Poker and Poker After Dark?  Think Laderman's Bumblepuppy Bridge concept as another starting point for this.

And please, if you think this can't be done, yeah, yeah, heard it, got the T-shirt.  If you think you can, you might.  If you think you can't, you won't.

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