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I have organized a topic (Declarer Play), I have e-filed some hands (mostly from an out of print book), I have mentioned the possibility in passing at the club and received overwhelming interest, I have researched presentation media/software and found something that works for my purposes (ZOOM -- which is also a bidding method/convention as a part of relay systems). . . so now I am standing here, on the precipice of my first online bridge class, Advanced Topics (or Advanced Treatments of Basic Topics) in Declarer Play.

Anyone with experience to share?

1) Scheduling?  How far out should I promote the material and poll for a convenient schedule? I have only a couple of slots available, but I would like to have a fair amount of live attendence (I do best with class questioning). The platform will log the class for later viewing, but again, I would like as many to be live as possible.

2) Should I be concerned about cannibalism of the cashflow and/or time for bridge resources of the player pool? As of right now, my impression is that these are both mostly unlimited, at least at the expense of a 2 hour $20 once a week offering. However, I don't want to step on anyone's toes as much of my business comes from referrals from other teachers to busy to work with new requests.

3) Do I need to be concerned about copyrights claims from dead authors and out of print books? (I suppose I could alleviate this if the book were in print by requiring attendees to purchase the book, but it seems not to address the issue to send them out to second hand sellers).

4) Anyone have any experience with online presenting to share?

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