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Moving Club Online Temporarily

Our weekly club with a teaching component has closed for now.

Imitating another club that closed recently, we have said that we will try to offer a game for club players on BBO, perhaps at the same time as the in-person game used to be.

I am told that the MIT Bridge club did/does this when it had to cancel a game for whatever reason.

I was approved as a Director on BBO but haven't yet studied how it works.

Somewhere I read that if you use the old windows BBO client, you can have a 'club' where you include/exclude people.

I think I can manage to figure out how to set up a tournament, I can call it "Our Club Tournament", but anyone on BBO can enter it I think? Which sort of defeats the purpose.

On the other hand, so far only about 6 tables worth of players have identified their BBO usernames to me, and not all of them are going to be ready to play in a BBO tournament every week, so numbers might not be enough. Can we just pop in robots so as not to have to worry about subs?

Does anyone have any further insight into what they've done, are planning to do, have seen done, could be done in this vein?

And second question, we used to have a bi-weekly supervised 0-20 game for the 'newcomers' with a teacher at every table, going over each board after it was played, and a pre-written hand commentary with play-of-the-hand Bridge 'movies' emailed afterwards. I understand you can have a teaching table on BBO, and we have a Discord account for live chat, so I'm sure I can figure something out. But if anyone has done it before or has suggestions on how best to do it, I'd be grateful to hear it. No sense re-inventing the wheel.

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