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Motions before the Memphis BoD: Item 191-24

Item 191-24: Table Fees Chapter VI – Club Sanctioned Games,

A. ACBL Sanctions for Club Masterpoint Games Section 3, Cost of a Sanction of the Codification be amended as follows: 3.3 Table Fees 3.3.1.

Regular game (18+ boards) table fees are $1.00 and short game (12-17 boards) table fees are $0.58 per table. (short game fee increase effective 4/1/2019)

However, all regular games which are limited to players with <20 masterpoints are exempt from table fees.

Effective date: (Left blank)

Again, I appreciate that the BoD is taking an interest in the health of my club. I can absorb the increase from 55 cents a table to 58 cents a table for short games as long as it offset by the reduction in fees for my novice games. For Honors, the nation's largest club, this will produce a savings of $6 a week.  Imagine the positive effect this will have on our ability to advertise and promote the club. 

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