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Motions before the Memphis BoD: Item 191-21

Item 191-21: Incentivize Recruiting Prospective New Members the ACBL shall reward members in good standing who refer prospects to teachers, clubs, Units, District, or ACBL, when these prospects either: 1) Sign up for a multiple year membership, or 2) Renew a one-year membership Temporary memberships do not count toward this reward, nor does updating a temporary membership to a full one year membership. The focus is on years two and three.

For every referral or prospect who becomes a new member and meets the continuing membership criteria outlined above, the referring member shall receive $10 credit toward renewing their own membership in the ACBL.

1) This credit shall apply for a maximum of two years if the new member renews for years two and three.

2) The referring party may not earn more than the value of a one year membership in a given year regardless of the number of successful referrals they create.

3) The maximum award is $20 per new member based on three years membership dues. The credit is payable in the year earned. Effective immediate


If you've been waiting for just the right moment to turn your friends and relatives on to bridge, you're in luck. Your long wait is over. Now you can finally begin telling everyone you've never told before about what a wonderful hobby bridge is and how they should immediately join for two years or more at $59 a year.

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