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List things that the average “beginner/novice” just doesn’t understand

I direct a 0-750 game and teach a similar crowd, so I come across a lot of players who obviously struggle picking up some of the the game.  Some just started learning, while others have played for decades.

I propose that we use this thread to write about things that just blow my/your mind as to what some beginners get confused about for whatever reason:

* A 2NT opener is 20-21 points, so a 2NT overcall must also show 20-21 points.  Similarly, ALL 2NT rebids show 18-19 points, no matter what any response/overcall was.

* You need opening count to overcall.

* Why transfer if you don't have any points?

* Partner invited me to game, so I should bid it.

* Partner opened a minor.  I chose to not show him my major suit because I didn't have any face cards in it.

Do you guys have any good ones to add that just leave you shaking your head, no matter how many times you explain it?

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