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Designing a better "Ecosystem"

Club owners,

What if we could start over? 

I offer up Starbucks as the model. One cannot argue that they are now a somewhat successful national chain. What they have in common with bridge is that thirty years ago they too had a great product, one the the public once thoroughly enjoyed, even thought of as fashionable. Like bridge, that great product had long since fallen on hard times. By the eighties, coffee was passe, even worse, actually thought of as possibly dangerous to one's health. Coffee had been relegated to the junk heap.

Starbucks turned coffee into Starbucks.

Is the time ripe for our great product, bridge, to become the next Starbucks? 

There are way more empty nesters and the recently retired now than ever before. They are living way longer too. They have time and money to spend. Think cruise ships.

Here's our problem. Even if we somehow do figure out how to market bridge, does our present ecosystem work well enough to support any success we may begin to have?

Clubs are pitted against clubs.

Most Units are caught in the middle between other Units, their own and other Districts, and of course, the clubs.

Clubs pay money to the ACBL and get what in return? Competition. National, Regional, and Sectional tournaments pulling at our members, vying for their time and dollars.

Coffee is to Starbuck's franchised stores as Master Points is to ACBL sanctioned clubs. It's the product. It is what we sell. It can be just as addictive too. Like it or not, it was and is the perfect product. You sell it, you still have it. And there is an unlimited supply. How can we ever hope to create anything more brilliant? Even Starbucks envies us. Master Points can be shipped over the internet, requires no space to store, and has no expiration date. For my money, Master Points are here to stay.

The difference is that Starbucks works so much better to help support, protect, and grow their stores. Their ecosystem works. Unlike our parent organization, they are not at odds with their franchised outlets.

Clubs, Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals.

Do you not see that we have a top down major problem here?

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