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D11 Report on the BoG Las Vegas Meeting


Here is my report to D11 on the Board of Governor's meeting.

The supporting documentation can be found at:

This summary is about reporting what was heard and stays away from opinion as much as possible to provide a report that might bring interested District members to a discussion about improvement options. 

It is meant to be more comprehensive than the reports typically issued by Board oF Director Representatives. The devil is in the details. 

Feel free to share as you see fit.


Membership Meetings - I have a strong belief that we should NEVER start the Membership meeting without the attending Board of Governors Members present.  The experiment in Las Vegas was an abject failure.  I do not think we would have had a quorum were the meeting started at its normal 10 AM time.  I do think the Board of Governors members who came late missed important discussion presented by the ACBL President and By Management (Executive Director, Legal, and Finance).  That alone is unacceptable.  

Recruiting Incentives - The motion to provide a larger recruiting incentive for recruiting new players is indeed complex.  However at its core, it traces how a sum as small as $20 requires funds from many sources not tapped today - sources who benefit from recruiting and do not currently pay their fair share of the freight.  If we can agree on nothing else, there is no magic pot of money for supporting recruiting efforts from within the ACBL.  All funding for growth will have to come from incrementally charging clubs, units and districts. There is no other way. The money simply does not exist.  This realization should be chilling to everyone, particularly those who continually ask for a free lunch without paying their fair share.  

If we want growth, we have to do our part.  Growth costs money.  

I would hope that the motions brought by the Board of Governors are not heard for the very first time during the meeting itself.  The reason they are posted to the ACBL website is to allow study and engagement ahead of time.  Real change requires prework.  

If it is to be it is up to us - the ten most powerful two-letter words in the English language.  


If anyone can provide more detail about the Committee from the Education Foundation chaired by Robert Todd (Mission, Objectives, Work Plan, Support Requirements) I am sure everyone in this Forum would benefit from the information.  Thanks! 

Submitted Respectfully,

Steve Moese

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