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Club questions

I’m sure these questions have been asked many times, but I’m relatively new to the site, so just placate me here, because I think some of these questions are dumb but I’m asking anyway because club members want to know.

1.) For those who run clubs, what do you use to make up your hands?  CommonGame?  Shuffle and deal?  A specific bridge program that you own?

2.) What do you say when people claim the hands aren’t fair because they are slanted too far in one direction or another?  And before you say anything, I’ve tried telling them, “It’s duplicate bridge!”  That response falls on deaf ears as they claim shuffling would be more fair.   If I shuffled I’m sure that they would complain about that too.   They seemingly get upset if their team isn’t playing a fair/good portion of the hands.  Other complaints: “We always do well at the other club but not at this club”.  

3.) Is there any good way to balance out N/S and E/W any better when so many N/S claim they have to be N/S because of ambulatory issues?

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