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I'm building a bridge club next year, and looking for sources for high-quality attractive furnishings.

Over the past year, I've visited a lot of clubs here and in Europe. I'm studying practices, schedules, decor, equipment, lighting, acoustics, .... Details matter.

That said, the biggest lesson I've learned is that the people are more important to success than any of the above. The biggest and busiest bridge clubs have all of the clutter and chaos that you'd expect.

So assuming I get the people part right (ha!), I'm going to focus on the little things that make a bridge club an attractive and comfortable space. I want non-bridge players to step in during an open house and say to themselves, "I would really enjoy spending time here."

Of all the clubs I visited, my favorite chairs and tables were at Honors in Manhattan. Jeff, do you have a source who's still in business that you'd share? Those chairs, especially, are really nice. I really dislike the common "stackable" banquet chairs, no matter how convenient they happen to be.

I've learned that corner tables are essential. I despise the common plastic ones, and don't want to hammer my own together from plywood.

So I want sources. Who's willing to share?


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