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I posted this on the Board of Governors site a couple of hours ago. It belongs here too.

Years ago, if memory serves,  the ACBL had some sort of introductory membership. They also had a second version of the bulletin geared to new members. How beneficial this was, long term, is not clear to me. I can't give you statistics on what percent eventually became full ACBL members. When students signed up for their second series of classes, meaning they were at least somewhat interested in becoming bridge players, we gave them this provisional membership free, even though there was a cost associated with it. The Bulletin contained lessons, articles of historical nature, and information about upcoming tournaments. I don't know if it came monthly, but it did provide a continuing connection, not just with the League, but also with my club. Sort of a additional reminder. 

I think there is some discussion going on right now to revive this. In today's world, with an online magazine, costs can be kept to a minimum. I'm sure part of those costs could be met with novice directed advertisements of books, club events, online teachers, cruises, tournaments offering 0-20 sections. Done right, it can even be micro-targeted to individual Districts or even zip codes. The costs to us advertisers would be exponentially cheaper than they are now in the main Bulletin. 

There are so many pluses. It should be seriously considered. I like this much more than the present 3-month deal we have now which is simply a look-see discount open to all level players with little in the way of tangible support.  

What would this provisional membership look like?

Would there be a cost to it? Who would qualify for it? How long would it be in place? Should there be a next level membership, which would ease the path to full $50 plus status? 

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