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Board of Governors
The objective of this forum is to allow discussion of Board of Governors issues outside of the Board of Governors meetings, at which we obviously have very limited time. Members wishing to make motions might want to discuss them on this forum. Doing so will hopefully allow motions actually presented at our meetings to be in better form. Members who also get feedback on their proposed motions which make it clear their motions will have little support at the Board of Governors meeting itself may decide not to present such motions, but there is no requirement to vet a motion here before presenting it, and even if a member gets little support here, the member still has the right to present the motion at the Board of Governors meeting. Linda Trent and I will be the moderators of the forum, and along with Bridge Winners personnel, can remove inappropriate posts. If you are not in the forum and think you should be please contact Please include your name and District. I look forward to this forum being a successful feature which will help the Board of Governors become more effective. Richard Popper, Chair, Board of Governors
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