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Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?

In a club game, which I was directing, a player revoked on defense. Neither he nor the opponents realized it. But, after the hand was over, his partner, an ACBL director, advised the table of the revoke and awarded the opponents one trick, the correct penalty for this revoke. 

Neither side had called me to the table, but, after the round, the revoker's partner informed me of his actions.

He believed that, as an actively ethical player, he was doing the right thing to expose his partner's revoke.

I would appreciate your answering the poll and commenting further. And I hope you directors will say what you would have done on receiving such information.

I would never expose my partner's revoke, as this is neither required by law, nor is it a matter of ethics.
I realize I am not required to expose my partner's revoke, but I believe that as an actively ethical player, I should do so.
I believe it is wrong to expose my partner's unintentional revoke, as I am required to do the best for my side, as long as I am following the law and practicing active ethics.

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