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Your Most Unusual Bridge Accomplishments

Let's start off 2014 with something not entirely serious.  I suspect that anyone who plays bridge long enough encounters some situations that not only will probably never happen again, but when you tell people about them, they ask "Exactly how did you do that?"  Here are a couple of mine, guaranteed to get a double-take whenever I've mentioned them.  Please share yours in the Comments...  Happy New Year!


1.  Tying for 1st in a KO Team event. 

How is that possible?  Once upon a time (Manchester, NH regional, 1988) I was on a KO team, with the final match scheduled to end on the last day of the tournament.  We played well and made it to the final match.  The match ended in a tie.  There had to be a playoff.  We were a 5-person team, and I had gotten a ride up from NY with someone who had played in the Swiss Teams, which were now over.  He wanted to leave.  We quickly worked out that I not miss my ride, and my teammates would play the playoff.   The next day, I call my partner.

Me:  So, did we win?

Partner: No.

Me: So we lost?

Partner: No.

What actually happened is there was a 4-board playoff.  They compared.  Win 1.  Win 3.  Lose 1.  Lose 3.  Another tie!  Remember it's the last day of the tournament, which is officially over...the Directors want to leave;  people are trying to break down the playing area and turn the lights off.  So the Directors called it a tie and sent everyone home.  This actually got a mention in the NY Times bridge column as a thing that apparently had never happened before: and I've never heard of it happening since.


2.  Once, I played a session in a Women's Pairs. 

This is not a wild tale of transvestism, nor was it an early effort to make a statement about gender-based events.  It did not involve losing (or winning) a bet.  The Directors not only let me do it, it was their idea...

The scene:  Evening session, at a sectional in NYC.  Partner and I show up about 2 minutes before game time, planning to play in the Side Game.  We're a mixed pair, and the other events are Men's Pairs and Women's Pairs.  There is no Side Game -- three pairs showed up for it, and the other two ended up in the other events.  We're about to leave, when one Director had a bright idea -- we can play in the Women's Pairs, to fill out a half-table that they would otherwise have.  Given the choice of playing bridge or going home, of course we played.

I knew I was going to regret it, and I did.  12 rounds.  24 (or more) wise-ass comments from the opponents.  It was distracting and we did not do well.  So I missed what will probably be my only opportunity to win a Women's Pairs.

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