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Your Methods vs Transfer Responses and Advances?

Since transfer responses and advances are becoming more popular, defensive methods specifically to deal with them will soon follow. Let's take the simplest example of an opening, possibly short, bid of 1, followed by a takeout double and a 1 response that shows either 4+ spades or a spade feature with club support: 1-X-1(transfer)

What do you and your favorite partner currently do as advancer in this situation? You have been gifted with an extra step - the bid of 1, so many more auctions are now possible, depending on how you partition hands between the double and the 1 bid, and how that influences your use of the other non-jump advances (including Pass).

Let's concentrate on the double and the bid of 1 by advancer. How do you play them?

Natural: X shows 4, 1 shows 4+
"Lebensohl": 1 shows a weak hand with a 5+ card minor, X shows spades
"Responsive": 1 shows two places to play, X shows spades
Other - Please comment

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