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Your Legal/Etiquette View

A club director in our ACBL unit holds the view that a player may not extract partner's hand (or that of an opponent) for a look after the board has been played -- presumably a violation of the laws, or the proprieties, or of table etiquette.

There is no such reference in recent duplicate LAWS (past or present) that I'm aware of.

I do recall an ACBL handbook of one kind of another that does or did write that a player should/must ask an OPPONENT for permission to view his hand after a deal is completed. My recollection is that the opponent may decline to do so, but must do so if asked in the presence of a director (that has only happened to me once).

I see in both the Encyclopedia of Bridge 6th Edition (under the auspices of the ACBL) and 7th Edition (an ACBL publication) this identical statement under "Etiquette."

"Among the breaches of good manners...looking at an opponent's hand after it has been placed in the board without asking permission."

The implication is that looking at partner's hand isn't a breach of good manners and shouldn't be a subject  to a director's chastisement.

What say you?

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