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Your 3rd Seat 1 Opening Bid

Assume your favorite partner and methods. It's the middle of a long knockout match, and the score was tied at the break. Assume your partner, teammates, and opponents are peers (assuming you have any peers!). The first hand after the break, both NV, you pick up a hand with exactly 5=2=3=3 distribution. All your HCP are in spades only.

How many HCP do you normally need to open 1 in 3rd seat?

(Each hand has the 10, but all spots are no higher than the 8)

(For the purposes of this poll, don't include psyches, but comments about psyching are welcome.)

10 HCP is not enough to open this distribution
10 HCP - AKQJT xx xxx xxx
9 HCP - AKQTx xx xxx xxx
8 HCP - AKJTx xx xxx xxx
7 HCP - AKTxx xx xxx xxx OR AQJTx xx xxx xxx
6 HCP - AQTxx xx xxx xxx OR KQJTx xx xxx xxx
5 HCP - AJTxx xx xxx xxx OR KQTxx xx xxx xxx
4 HCP - ATxxx xx xxx xxx OR KJTxx xx xxx xxx
3 HCP - KTxxx xx xxx xxx OR QJTxx xx xxx xxx
2 HCP - QTxxx xx xxx xxx
1 HCP - JTxxx xx xxx xxx
0 HCP - Txxxx xx xxx xxx
I wouldn't need even the 10 to open with 0 HCP.

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