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You open -- partner bids at 1-level -- they interfere -- You bid 2N

Consider the start of three auctions using mainstream 2/1:

Auction A                    Auction B                    Auction C

1x (P) 1y (1z)                 1x (P) 1z (2y)                 1y (P) 1z (2x)

2N                               2N                               2N


In Auction A, the strength opener is unambiguously showing is the range precisely between the 1N & 2N openers (18-19 for us, but maybe slightly different for you).


Key poll question -- For Auctions B & C, is opener's range any different?  Or could it start lower?  


Other questions...


1. For example, after 1 - (P) - 1 - (2), would you bid 2N with Ax KQxx KQ QJxxx?  How about if you make the hand even weaker (say by removing one of the club honors)?


2. If the low end of range does go lower for you, by how much and does it change under any circumstances?  


3. If you play NMF or Wolff Sign-off (or similar) after these uninterrupted sequences, would you play them on here with the competition?


Opener in Auctions B/C has same range as A
Opener in Auctions B/C could have a lower bottom-end of range, as compared to A

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