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The 2016 World Bridge Games, which will be contested in Wroclaw, Poland from September 3 (Opening Ceremony, play starts on the 4th) through September 17th, include, in addition to the usual Open, Women’s & Senior events, a World Mixed Teams, run concurrently with the Open, Women’s and Senior teams and with the same format. The USBF is holding a Mixed United States Bridge Championship to select the US team for the World Mixed Team event. The Mixed USBC will be played partly on BBO and partly face to face in Washington, DC, immediately after the Summer NABC.


Although a few specifics of online play are still to be finalized (this is a new form of event for the USBF), the Conditions of Contest provide the following format if there are more than 16 teams:

Stage 1, on Saturday & Sunday, July 9 & 10, will be a Swiss Teams played on BBO. Match length will depend on the number of teams, but will probably be 7-9 boards. There will be two sessions of play each day, one starting at 1:00 EDT (noon Central, 11:00 Mountain and 10:00 Pacific) and the second session probably starting at 7:00 pm EDT, although that will depend on the exact schedule. The top 16 teams from the Swiss will qualify.

Stage 2 will be Knockout Rounds of 16 and 8, played on BBO. Each match will be 60 boards long. The default time for the Round of 16 is Saturday, July 16th at 1:00 & 6:00 EDT, but teams may agree on a different day or time(s) for their individual matches. The default time for the Round of 8 will be Sunday, July 17th at 1:00 and 6:00 EDT, but teams may agree on a different time.

Stage 3 will be 90-board face-to-face Semifinal and Final matches, played at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington DC on August 1, 2 & 3.


For the BBO part of the event, each player must have a monitor who will sign a statement that the player did not communicate with anyone during play, and did not consult any external aids to help him or her. For Stage 1, any ACBL member in good standing, who is not closely related to the player and is not a participant in the event, will be acceptable as a monitor. For Stage 2, monitors must be ACBL-certified directors or comparable and must be individually approved in advance by the USBF. USBF will try to help find monitors and places for people to play, but those are the responsibility of each player. One monitor may monitor more than one person at a time, but the monitor must be able to see all players at all times, so cannot monitor more than one player on a team.

Except for the requirement for monitors, play for the BBO part of the event will be the same as normal BBO play, but no kibitzers will be allowed. USBF will appoint observers to watch the online play and review bidding and play after the event to determine if any actions appear to have been taken on the basis of unauthorized information. The decision of those observers will be binding.


To be eligible for the Mixed USBC, each player on a team must be an Active or Resident member of the USBF who has paid dues for 2016 (USBF dues are $50 a year). To join USBF and pay dues, go to and click on “Join” in the upper right of the page. During competition, each pair must have one man and one woman. Teams can have 4, 5 or 6 players, 2 of whom must be of each gender.


Entries are now open and will close at midnight, EDT on Monday, June 27th. To enter, log in to the USBF website and click on “Enter Mixed USBC” under the User Menu, which is only visible to members who are logged in.


Entry fees for the Mixed USBC are an event fee of $240, which is due before the entry closing date, and session fees for the face-to-face part of the event of $150 per session ($300 per day). There are no session fees for the BBO stages, but players are responsible for any compensation for their monitors.


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