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You Be the Coach - Part III

After licking your wounds on the hand where everything was friendly and game was an easy make (but due to your conservatism you weren’t there) – you now have this choice.

Not having joined the “we open all 11 count hands” crowd – you pass holding:  Kxxx, J10x, xx, AKxx.

LHO passes also, and partner bids 1 . After RHO passes, you bid 1 – and partner raises you to 4.

Everyone is vul.  And you…



Bid 5
Bid 4NT
Bid 6
Bid 5
Wish you'd joined the "open all 11 count hands" and had opened
Wonder if your choice is wrong (and they go right at the other table) if your coaching status will be revoked :(
Another choice that has so far escaped me....

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