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Yet Another 10K Scheduling Snafu: Reno

Whovever is responsible for setting NABC schedules just doesn't get it.

As reported before, the 10K schedule in Denver was set in such a fashion that you could not enter a National NABC+ event if you Q'd for the 2nd day of a 10K.

I happened to peruse the Reno schedule last night only to see that the 10K Swiss is scheduled to start on the first Friday... along with both the Platinum Pairs and the National Imp Pairs


Hold the 10K Swiss starting on Saturday so that the refugee nonqualifiers from the NABC+ events can drop into a new 2day premierish event.

If a 10K Swiss concluded on Sunday a team could enter the 10K KO starting Monday.

No other 10K event is scheduled for Reno.


Attendance for Denver's 10K events were down... a lot.  

10K Swiss 44 tables in Denver,  73 in Providence, 63 in New Orleans, 81 in St. Louis.

The 10K IMP Pair final in Denver was only 14 pairs.  Don't know the original table count.  

The inaugural 10K Fast Pairs began with only 24 tables.  What if it had started on the 2nd day of the Blue or miniBlue Ribbon?  The 14 pair final means no chance to play in the North American Swiss.

Is there any chance of adjusting the Reno schedule so a 10K event can start with the non qualifiers from the Platinum and Imp Pairs? 


This kind of scheduling discourages aspiring players to enter NABC+ events and compromises the field  for the 10K event when entering means you miss the next NABC+ event if you Q for the 10K final.





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