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Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL

So the ACBL has frowned upon multi 2d for the most part.  It's band in 2 board pair event, even when it's open.  The reasoning is that after you pre-aleart it opponents won't have enough time to discuss a defense for it (even though "standard" defenses are required to be provided).This is, I think the wrong way to look at it.  What they should see and realize is how good and logical a fairly normal multi 2d is (normal being a w2 in a major or one, maybe 2 possible strong hand usually including a strong 4441).  Thus if allowed in open events it would be relatively popular.

What this means is people will naturally get accustomed to multi 2d, and memorizing a relatively strait forward 1 or 1 1/2 page defense shouldn't be asking too much of players with 4 digit master point experience or chosing to play in a field of that experiance level.Clubs should be allowed to decide whether to allow it or not without any recommendations for or against it by the ACBL.

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