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Wrong claim after the opponents revoked

This happened the other day.

Opps played 3NT and we had already taken 5 tricks. The lead was in dummy which had Kxx, A, A, -. My partner had 109, x, Kx, -. At this point declarer cashed K and partner discarded his small heart (I, sitting over dummy and truly out of spades now, had also discarded a heart). Seeing that, declarer claimed: 'Dummy is high'.

Director was summoned now and it seemed to give him a head-ache for how many down he should decide. If he gives a trick to the opps because of the revoke, the result is -1. However, if he decides it was a wrong claim, he might decide declarer only takes his A (cashing assumed winners in the wrong order) and the result is -4.

His final decision was -2, as though the revoke had not happened.

In your opinion, how many down he should have awarded?


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