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Women's USBC Final Video Log

Hi!  So recently I have played in the USBC Women's team trials. :)  After working with Kibitz the Pros for the Common Game, I have also started to make general videos about various bridge sessions.  I decided to do the sessions I played in the finals in Sacramento a couple weeks ago.  Basically in these videos I go over my thoughts through the play and the bidding when they were happening.


Here is the link to the playlist of all the videos:

And here are direct links to the individual segments:

Segment 1

Segment 2 

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6

Segment 8


Hope you find it entertaining/informative.  Questions, comments and suggestions always welcome :)


(By the way if you only have time for one, I recommend segment 4 ;) As that is the first one I did)

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