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Wolff sign off - a simpler time

In the early 70's i played a lot of bridge with Larry Howard. Larry was an early life Master and the father of current players Brian Howard and Allison Howard Cappelletti.  Larry was a big jovial man who never met a convention he didn't like. It was he who taught me the Wolff sign off. This was a simple method that allowed a partnership to play both in a suit and under game on this auction: 1D - 1H -2NT. If you now bid 3C partner with 3 card heart support would bid 3 hearts and you could pass. Without 3 hearts he would bid 3D and you could also pass. Simple. There were a a couple of caveats as responder should always have 5 of his bid suit and opener would never have 4 spades. Now in bridge circles you are not an expert unless you can improve upon a convention. With these improvements  we now no longer need a 5 card heart suit and in a poll published by Dick Vatter I see that 80% will now bid 2NT with a 4 card spade suit.  I know that inside each player resides a teacher so lets set the teacher free as you answer a couple questions. On this auction 1D - 1H - 2NT - ? what do you consider the standard rebid with:


Next I like to think I have an open mind so please convince me that newer treatments have improved a simple convention.


Ron Steele



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