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Wire or Bad Play or Petulant?

Playing in a tournament, on one hand declarer opened 2D, passed out.

My partner started by playing the King-Ace of hearts while I signaled an even number, dummy showing up with three hearts.  Partner then continued with the Queen of hearts and I followed suit.  Declarer ruffed.

At this point, all declarer knows about our hands is that partner started with AKQx of hearts.

Declarer then begins a monologue.  "Huh.  He didn't say anything."  He goes on to say, "He didn't enter the auction.  Interesting."

He then led a diamond.  Dummy had AQx of diamonds and I had the stiff King.  Suddenly I knew, I *knew*, what was going to happen.  Sure enough, declarer rose with the Ace of diamonds, dropping my King.

I said out loud, "There's no way."  Declarer shrugged his shoulders.  I said again, "There's no way," then finally got myself under control.  The rest of the hand passed, and we conceded another trick through bad discarding, although once declarer had picked off my stiff King, there was not much of a matchpoint difference between -130 and -150.

I stormed away from the table.  I asked the director for a recorder form and was given one.  I started to fill it out, then decided to wait for the dinner break and to focus on the session.  At the break, I looked and that pair was near the bottom of the list.  They were having a bad day.

I just can't believe that, based solely on my partner holding precisely four hearts to the AKQ, declarer deduced that the King of diamonds was offside.  I firmly believe it's much more likely that declarer had a wire on the board - perhaps he overheard someone talking about "the stiff King offside" and determined it was this board.  Either way, his magic dropping of the King seems unsustainable.  In my head this is backed up by "the speech" he made, trying to justify his wire before acting on it.  The elaborations of a bad liar.

On the other hand, maybe it was bad bridge.  Maybe just seeing nine high-card points in the first three cards made declarer think I had to have most of the rest.  Never mind that partner would easily pass with xxx AKQx Kxx xxx after a 2D opener, and never mind that playing the Ace only gains when I have specifically the stiff King.  He had partial information and acted on it, even if the reasoning is bad.

On the third hand, perhaps I'm just being petulant.  Perhaps declarer had his reasons, and maybe there was some validity.  Maybe delcarer didn't notice that I was signalling an even number and thought my partner had AKQxx of hearts, in which case having a seemingly-well placed King of diamonds in addition would justify a 2H overcall.  Maybe it wasn't bad play at all; maybe he had his reasons, and in my annoyance and petulance I didn't give them credence.

What would be your take?

In the end I didn't file a recorder form.  It felt a little too petulant even to me, and my own behavior was not above reproach.

But two weeks later it still sticks in my craw.  What's your take?

This usually doesn't have to be said on Bridgewinners, but I'll say it anyway - don't hold back.  Let me have it if you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

Sounds like declarer had a wire - he knew the King of diamonds would fall singleton
Declarer just made a bad play and got unjustly rewarded
You're being petulant because you got a bad result. Let it go.

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