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Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event

Thanks so much for those that completed the previous poll concerning Swiss versus other team events. A little background on this question:

Currently, club awards are based upon the number of competitors. You receive .10 for each one that you outscored. For example, if you win a 5-table Swiss game in a club you receive .50. If the same 5 tables played a Howell pair game, you would receive 1.00. Also, if you played an individual in a club you would receive 2.00 (subject to max award). Our formula for tournaments, prior to 2015, paid the same award for pairs and teams, even though the number of competitors was double in pairs. As an adjustment, a 25% increase was given to pair events in 2015. The question here is should the award be based on tables or on number of competitors.

Question: You have 30 tables of equal level players. If they formed teams and played a Swiss, the winner would have defeated 29 competitors. If the same 30 tables played a pair game, the winner would have defeated 59 competitors. Should the 1st place award be the same?

Awards should be the same
Pairs should pay more
Teams should pay more

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