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Why should the ACBL search committee pay particular attention to the Bridge Winners Community

Now that we have established the approximate age of our community, it is obvious that we are trending much younger then the ACBL population. Furthermore, this site is populated by people who really care about bridge, i.e. that spend time and money on the game. From a data mining aspect, we are the perfect users for ACBL research.

When I was enrolled at Columbia BS getting my MBA, Marketing 101 (which we were all required to take), was about branding and the 80/20 rule, which we visited over and over from multiple case studies and empirical examples. I would make the claim that while the sample of people who responded to the two age related questions is small, we represent the 20% percent that generate the 80% of the ACBL, or a subset of it.

Rather then each of us asking and responding what we think is important, how about we do a survey on this site by ranking different categories. I know that we can't do multiple selections, but if the idea is worth it, we could run it three times. Your first choice, then second choice etc...

In the last ten years, I have rebuilt a community that almost disappeared, so I know how difficult it is to attract new people (if interested, here is an article that details the problems of that community ( Now is the time to do something about the situation and not to complain once the board hires a new CEO that we think is not good! And now is the time to make sure that the search committee does look at what we are generating data wise.

I believe this idea has value, so here are five categories I can think of at the top of my head. Please feel free to add to them if you see the need (or refine the ones below), and then we should set up the survey, they are in alphabetical order:

-Ethics (behavior, cheating)- Financial Management- Governance (board elections, districts etc...)- Technology- Youth & Recruitment

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