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Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?

I am a fairly new player and do not know all of the politics that might surround this issue. But I am curious if anybody has any insight as to why the ACBL has been seemingly so resistant to simply doing away with SAYC and replacing the "pickup partnership default," so to speak, with some sort of simple 2/1 system?

I've also included a poll gauging what people see as the likelihood that this might happen sometime in the next ten years.

The answers I list are to the question: I would put the probability that the ACBL scraps SAYC in favor of some sort of 2/1 system instead as somewhere between ___% and ____%.

If you think the ACBL will scrap SAYC but replace it with a system that is not 2/1, then you're predicting that the event I am asking about doesn't occur, for what it's worth.

Less than 5%
5% and 10%
10% and 30%
30% and 50%
50% and 75%
75% and 90%
Greater than 90%

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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