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Why did you stop playing bridge in clubs, if you did?

You used to play bridge at the local club. Somehow along the road, you just stopped, or moved to online bridge. What was the "final drop", the real reason, deep in your heart, that made you stop playing at the club, and move on?

I´m sure that for some people it was a combination of motives. If this is the case, then what was the most significant motive, the one that really tipped the scales and made you take that final decision?

I might have missed some important motives, and if you vote Other please state which other.

Local club was too expensive by comparison with online
Club play was too slow
No good schedules at the club, more convenient schedules online
Quality of tournament directors
Didn´t have a good social experience at the club
Unfair treatment at the club
Level of play at the club was very low
Couldn´t get a suitable partner at the club

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