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Which Law says it's illegal?

I recently came across a file on the subject of "bridge etiquette" which contains the assertion that it is illegal to discuss boards you've played in front of other players. My immediate reaction was "according to which law?" There's Law 16D, which makes it illegal to take advantage of something you've overheard about a board you are playing or have not yet played, but that's not the same thing at all. The only other place in the laws that I can find that addresses this question is Law 90B3, which says that discussion of the bidding, play, or result of a board which may be overheard at another table is an "offense subject to procedural penalty". So is there a law somewhere other than Law 90 that actually makes such discussion illegal, or is it sufficient that law 90 says it's "an offense subject to procedural penalty"?

Note: this is one of eight items in Law 90B. I haven't looked at the other seven to see if there's a specific law that makes whatever it is an offense, so  perhaps the same question applies to them.

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