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What's the vulnerability? Who's the dealer?

Yesterday, the Rochester Area Bridge Association (RABA) held a "RABA Appreciation Day" game. Swiss teams, two sessions, with one session for the 299er's in the morning.

Somewhere in there, we ended up in a three way. Director came to our table, where boards 21-26 were found when we got there. He told us "treat this as boards 1 through 6, as those are the boards you're supposed to play, and I don't have another set of 1-6 availabe. So use the vulnerability and dealer from boards 1 through 6." I didn't argue with him, but I did point out that his instruction was in violation of Law 2. He didn't want to hear it.

We dealt with it, but frankly it was an added level of complexity that we really didn't need at the table. :-(

What do people think of this?

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