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What’s needed for a 1S response

Hi agaIn.  In my recent poll (YBTJ) on an overbid game, I noticed a fairly wide discrepancy of opinions, with the top experts favoring accepting a 1D-1S-3S with JTxxx J9x xx Axx.  Fair enough.  From prior BW readings and polls I suspect that top experts are very likely to respond with 5 spades and almost anything, while average players might hold out for 4-5 hcp, implying that opener need have a more sound raise to 3S.  The following poll asks you to vote for the WEAKEST hand with which you’d respond to the 1D opener.   All hands have 5 spades and 5=3=2=3 shape.  I’m guessing that a 5 count with an ace would be enough for almost all.  If you think you’d be more/less inclined to pass with a third diamond (5=2=3=3 or 5=3=3=2) please comment separately. Thanks.

Noon EST edit:   Assume Std. Amer. 2/1 GF. 1D shows 4D unless specifically 4=4=3=2 (standard)


And after this I might ask about 4=3=3=3 hands.

Jxxxx xxx xx xxx
Jxxxx xxx xx Jxx
Jxxxx xxx xx Qxx
Jxxxx xxx xx Kxx
Jxxxx xxx xx Axx

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