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As many of you know a new research team at the University of Stirling have been developing the sociology of mind sports with bridge as a central case study for the past few years. To that end we are successfully fundraising using the name 'Keep Bridge Alive' (KBA) and many of you have generously contributed to that crowdfunding campaign, including the ACBL and the ACBL Educational Foundation. Other bridge organisations are also supporting our research including the WBF, EBL, EBED, SBU, NIBU, CBAI, NBF, ABF, DBF, and hopefully others will join the growing global network soon – huge thanks to all contributors, including Pierre Zimmerman and today a new partner – Bridge Overseas.

However Keep Bridge Alive is proving unpopular as a name and so I am asking for your help for possible new name suggestions for the bridge projects moving forward. We plan to keep KBA for fundraising purposes within the bridge community, but this new name would be to promote bridge beyond the bridge world as a mind sport. At present I am leaning toward 'Bridging Unites’ – what do you think? This would also be the name of the future website where all information regarding the bridge research and practical projects could be found.

'Bridging Unites Network' (BUN) would perhaps be the name of our global network to share best practice and develop new approaches to promoting bridge. Other suggestions for a new name are most welcome (please comment below). The winning name will be announced at the KBA Pro-Am fundraising event we are organising in London 20th February at Stationers' Hall. The charity Pro-Am will give amateur players an opportunity to bid and play with professional players whilst giving back to the game itself. There will also be a chance for players to ‘sponsor a junior to play’ as the Pro-Am aims to raise the profile of bridge as an inter-generational game for young people and families.

For more information on the event or to bid for a player please PM or email me ( Miriam Snellgrove (a new KBA researcher) and I are looking forward to hearing your views and suggestions for the new name…

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