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What's a stiff king worth??


I fully realize that this could have been a pure bidding problem, but I wanted to focus firstly on the value of stiff King for NT purposes and secondly in the decision to bid NT or a suit, and I thought a poll would elicit more commentary on these issues.

In this poll we should assume 2NT=20-21, not 19-21, not 20-22, and not even Bridge World Standard's "20-fair 22".

In constructing a hand for this purpose I have: 1) chosen a hand with no 5 card suit, 2) chosen a hand with no tens, although I have inserted a working 9, 3) chosen what is presumably the most favored (or least disfavored) stiff honor, I.e. The King as opposed to the Ace or Queen and have placed it in the suit which creates the toughest rebid problems (obviously spades), and 4) chosen a hand with 7 controls (average for a 20hcp hand but a tad below for a 22hcp hand).  I have also designed a hand that even most oldworlders (including myself) would at least consider opening 2C/2NT or 2NT, although I'm sure many reject this at all costs.



Open 2C followed by 2NT as any balanced 22hcp hand should
Open 2NT, treating it as closed enough to balanced, but downgrading to less than 22hcp
Open 1D, I don't open any 1444's with NT
Open 1C, I don't open any 1444's with NT
Other- because there is always an Other (please clarify)

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