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What's a "Comparable Call"?

Sunday we had this interesting auction:

1NT* (P) P (1NT) ................ *10-12

Whereupon the director was duly summoned and Partner did not accept 1NT. 

LHO was informed that he must withdraw the bid and could make any legal call, but not x, and that if the call were anything other than some lawful number of NT his partner was barred.  Whereupon LHO bid 2NT and everyone PASSed. I made the final PASS because I had like 12-13 HCP opposite my partner's 1NT and I was pretty sure 2NT was not where the OPPs wanted to be.

I have sympathy for anyone that undertakes the more or less thankless job of directing a bridge game, but this seems like pretty awful. However, I told partner to shut up since we were going to get a top result.  

What is the correct ruling here?

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