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You hold AQ10X-JX-A10xx-KXX and open 1D. LHO overcalls 1NT (15-17HCPs). Partner bids 2H. You say transfer. RHO says transfer to what? You say Spades. RHO hesitates for about 10-15 seconds and looks at you and says, Spades?? You say yes Spades. RHO sets there for another 20-30 seconds and finally passes. During this time, although you consciously avoid looking at partner during the bidding, you sense that partner is moving around in her chair. What do you do now??

I passed and partner was down one at two hearts. The opponents could make 3 Spades. RHO had 5 Spades!!! The director was called and gave us avg minus on the board. My partner is the one that wants to play transfers over the opponents 1NT overcall, but forgets half the time.

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