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What would emerge?

I assume you already heard about machine learning. There was already discussions here about human vs machine in bridge, extrapolating from the results of AlphaGo. As technology is maturing, I think we will sooner or later be able to buy Artificial Intelligence at the minute, just as one can already buy 'basic' cloud computing time.

The following experience is a derivative of an existing one. Machine was already able to efficiently learn how to play video games like Supermario just by 3 features :

  • Inputs are the keyboard entries (pad and buttons)
  • Output is the score
  • System tries new neural connections to improve his score.After numerous Game Over, system improves and in another example of video game, brick breaker, discovers that sending the ball above blocks is very lucrative.

This is the type of experience I would really love doing for bridge:

  • Let's start with only bidding phase: we let machine bid as it wants, but respecting our basic rules of suit order, doubles and so on.
  • We measure results by double-dummy result of final contract and comparison with par
  • We then inject in the system deals from any hand dealer and let it play millions of games (of course with interference).

What would machine Convention Card look like?

Would it play 5 cards Majors ? Strong club, forcing pass? Get very artificial sequences? Take-out doubles?


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